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The act of making a fist with the middle phalange extended then using that fist to grind on a woman’s clitoris. The grind may be used for pleasure or punishment. When using the Bean Grinder as punishment it is customary to continue the grind until one of the parties involved vomits.
Dumb ass Mary used her salad fork while eating her entrée so I gave her the Bean Grinder to teach her a lesson.
by Sirhc Kramllah March 10, 2007
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1. A word used to describe the excellent or "out of this galaxy" quality of an item, usually followed by the word quality.

Should not be confused with Premium Quality, as Beangrinder quality clearly is superior
Cope wintergreen is most definitely beangrinder quality, while Grizzly wintergreen is simply premium.
by Beangrinder November 18, 2009
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