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A couple (especially of college age) that has settled down and consistently pushes away all of their other friends so they can spend all their time together in a relationship. Often times this happens to close friends, and the relationship can mess up even the tightest of friendships over time.
"Man! Todd and Patricia are such a beached whale couple! Todd turned me down multiple times to go to stardollars with her! He used to be my friend!"

"Friend 1: Todd, why don't you hang out with your bro's anymore?

Todd: I don't have bro time so that I can have hoe time!

Friend 1: But what about that trip we planned? And bro's before hoes?

Todd: What trip?

Friend 1: You know, the trip to New York we've been planning for so long?

Todd: Oh, I'm planning that trip with Patricia. Sorry man!

Friend 1: You're in a beached whale relationship, then. I thought we were friends!

Todd: Yeah I'd rather be with Patricia, and my other friends don't matter to me anymore.

Friend 1: How selfish! Well, let me know if you change your mind. Have a good life!

Todd: Oh, I will!"
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by atreed7 June 01, 2018
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