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A geek obsession that results in countless lost hours exhausting every aspect of trivia related to the niche subject.

A compulsive preoccupation, at times against your will, with the minutiae of a particular topic within geek culture.
Danny receives an email from Hot Topic announcing a ”50% Off Clearance Items” sale. Danny examines Hot Topic web site and stumbles upon a “G.I. Joe Bazooka Jersey T-Shirt.” Danny suffers spaz attack and places order. Levels of spaz in blood stream remain high impelling Danny to:
1) excavate vintage Bazooka action figure
2) rewatch episode of G.I. Joe Resolute wherein Bazooka dies
3) youtube classic G.I. Joe episodes in which Bazooka appears
4) scour old Marvel G.I. Joe comics for inclusions of Bazooka
5) prepare blog entry about Bazooka

Friend to Danny: "You fell in a Bazooka Wormhole. What's it look like on the other side?"

The subject matter can vary greatly but the course of events is similar. A specific aspect of geek culture catches your fancy and before you know it you have exhausted every square centimeter of trivia related to this parent specimen. You do not stop for nourishment until you have achieved professorial status in that particular subject.
by CantinaDan January 19, 2010
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