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The book is awesome. unlike the movie its more believable. for justice should have been a 3 part movie that stuck to the real story.

Jonnie discovers how to exploit a weakness in the alien’s armor. He finds deposits of uranium in the Rocky Mountains that have been enfeebling his people, and that uranium is unstable and explosive in the presence of the gas the Psychlos breathe. When Terl finally prepares to teleport gold in coffins to Psychlo, Jonnie and his band of Scots replace the gold with uranium, which utterly destroys Psychlo upon transmission. The multi-galactic empire they had built is irretrievably broken. Terl, and the other Psychlos left on Earth are subdued and imprisoned.

Book goes on to what happens later - with the Psychlos gone other species from other planets appear. Our heroes use politics, law and relationships to save Earth again.
Battlefield Earth - Book, great read, rocks!
by tgkprog July 06, 2012
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