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The worst school to ever come out of satans asscrack, at which not even the most incompetant teachers will stay for more than a year, and at which the football "team" has not won a game for going on god damn four fucking years. The only beacon of light and humor in this hellhole is the sheer joy of watching ghetto girls tear eachothers weaves and tracks out and litter the floor with them for weeks untill the lazy ass janitors will get out of their house across the street to come put a dirt ass mop on it for ten seconds.
random nigha: where u go to school?

2nd random nigha: I'as at "Battery Creek High School"

1st nigha: fuck you must be a dumb nizzle fo' shizzle
by markques July 30, 2008
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Battery Creek High School is referred to as one of the best school in the Beaufort County School District. It consists of AP and IB courses, and constantly has many students on the honor roll. It is way better than Beaufort High, because at BHS, they have gang fights and riots everyday (their students don't even learn and end up needing extra tutoring when and IF they get to college). On the contrary, the teachers are very motivating at BCHS and the students are eager to learn. I would prefer Battery Creek over any high school in the county.
Person 1: "What school are going to next year?"
Person 2: "Battery Creek High School"
Person 1: "Wow. I wish I went to that school, it's fantastic"
Person 2: "Yes, I'm glad I am going to attend Battery Creek. The teachers are wonderful!"
Person 1 & 2: "Go Dolphins!"
by MelanieDavis2 January 20, 2011
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