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Related to man up and put on your big girl panties. To, rather than accepting a situation and move on like an adult, use your wits and body armor and fists and sense of theatrics to come to terms with it and possibly to campaign against similar situations in the future like an adult (or like a comic book fan).

More practical to apply in a metaphorical sense than a literal one, unless you particularly feel like joining a SWAT team or have inherited an incredibly large sum of money and a butler who might possibly be a former spy.

There is nothing wrong with being unable to batman up, and it is not healthy in every instance. But if you can then you're Batman.
Bob Smith manned up after his parents' tragic death and became a productive member of society. Bruce Wayne batmanned up, put on a cape, and took up punching people who cause tragic deaths of parents in the face. Bob Smith became a good husband and had children who he raised to be productive members of the workforce. Bruce Wayne dated Catwoman and took in tragic orphans who he raised able to put on capes and punch criminals in the face, and donated to charity.

Bro, I know your grandma is in the hospital and all, but we can batman up on that. Put your trenchcoat on, we're gonna research how to improve her life while she goes through chemo and join a 'punch cancer in the face' campaign.

Jenny's abusive ex-boyfriend started stalking her and she felt helpless and lived with it for a long time. Then, when it escalated, she courageously batmanned up and punched him in the face and got a restraining order. Now she fights for domestic abuse awareness and prevention, and takes self-defense classes in case she needs to punch him in the face again.

My friend batmanned up and quit meth cold-turkey. Then they got their GED and started working part-time to support volunteer working full-time.

I joined NaNoWriMo and panicked, but then I batmanned up and wrote every day. Now I have a novel and am considering starting up a program to provide literature and non-fiction for young girls that features badass women.
by rm mcrantyface August 01, 2011
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