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A white Plain Jane so basic, average, and ordinary that is only considered attractive through racist Asian beauty standards just because she is white, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. These Nordic, Scandinavian, or Eastern European features erases all her plainness in Asian society as her one-way ticket to the ultimate White-Privilege in Asia.

These Basic Ass White Bitches are fetishized and worshiped in Asian countries like China, Japan, and South Korea.

You'll see them in tons of Asian advertisements and music videos so the same Asians will blow money for their cheap-ass products, since Asian businesses can't afford to hire attractive non-white models or actresses for their marketing.

Sometimes Asians will walk up to these Basic Ass White Bitches to take a photo with them like they're some sort of celebrity from Hollywood.
"Oh that white girl is so beautiful with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin. She should be a super model here in Japan doing car commercials."

"Oh I want to plant an Asian baby in that sexy white girl." (Laughs)

"I think I saw her star in a K-Pop or Visual Kei music video before as the role of the love interest? Such a gorgeous white girl, she must be famous where she's from!"

"Ooh that gum advertisement is using a white golden-hair goddess as their marketing strategy! I think I'll buy some even if I don't like gum, but what the hell?! A white goddess was chewing some, so I'll buy some anyways!"

"AH HELL NAH?! What the hell is wrong with you blind Asian-Nazi Mofos? That is one Basic Ass White Bitch ya tripping balls over?! She ain't no freaking Helen of Troy?!"

"Dude the last time I traveled to Tokyo, I saw nothing but advertisements with these Basic Ass White Bitches everywhere even at Hostess clubs? I felt more like I was in Nazi-Germany than Japan?"
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by ForRealz? May 18, 2017
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