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A person with an XY set of chromosomes whose age and self perception indicate that he is a man, yet whose way of being in the world suggest that he is, rather, a manchild. Such person lacks the basic personality, emotional, and behavioral traits that are the fundamental elements of an adult, i.e., caring for self and others, communicating like a grown up, taking responsibility for his actions. Although brief interactions and appearances may incorrectly indicate that this person is a man, his missing base of the man/adult hierarchy of needs triangle indicate that he is, in fact, a caret ("^").
OMG, Stacey, I just found out that my new boyfriend is a baseless triangle. He seemed totally cool for like 3 months, but today I passed him on the street and said "hi" and he acted like I didn't even exist. Do you think he just forgot to break up with me this morning?

Yikes! I look down and see my penis, but I see no other evidence whatsoever of my manhood. I can't support myself, when my girlfriend cries I just go out and get a beer, and my idea of fun is playing guitar with the boyz when I should be at work. I'm real funny, good looking, and the ladies say I'm a charmer. Have I become a baseless triangle, or is it possible that I just forgot to grow up?
by SnarkyJ August 04, 2016
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