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Males who are bicurious but do not want to be questioned by playing high contact, guy-on-guy sports such as manly Football, Basketball, or Lacrosse. Baseballer's and soccer players are often found in Victoria's Secret helping their mother pick out lingerie for date night out at Red Lobster with the father.....and little Jonny jr the 'Baseball Player/ Soccer Player' who's tagging along because he has nothing better to do on a Friday night other than get home shortly after dinner and watch a weekly edition of "According to Jim" with his mom.
Guy #1 - "Yea so I guess Dan's wife gave birth to a total 'Baseball Player/ Soccer Player'."

Guy #2 - "Awh man thats rough."

Guy #1"Yea I guess he's pissed about it. apparently he wanted an all around awesome Football/Basketball/Lax player."

Guy #3 - "Dude. Bummer."

Guy #1 - "Oh I know. And apparently his oldest son is trying out for the school musical."
by WGMarksy7 March 24, 2010
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