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Girls that play baseball with the boys. Some girls are just as good as the boys, the others are uncoordinated retards who play baseball so they can look pretty in a hat and for the attention of the guys. Most Baseball Girls turn out to be lesbians expecially in Australia. Australian Girl Baseball Players are usually the biggest redneck hillbillies. Excepting girls from the beaches and the city in NSW where they are very good ball players and extremely good looking.
1. Baseball Girl who is athletic, determined and loves the company of guys.

2. Girl 1: I play for Hills District

Girl 2: I play for Cronulla

Baseball Guy: Cronulla girl is sexy *takes her home*

Baseball Guy 2: I'm dating one of the girls from Ryde, those city chicks are sexy as fcuk!
by girlsplayball September 24, 2012
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