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A game where pinpoint focus and immense talent colide with mental capacity and a desire for success. The game involves all the normal rules of baseball, with high percent singles and dangerous HR balls, encanvassed with double play and sacrafice trenches. The room in which it is played is located in the deepest part of a Grace street Castle Ruled by King Shazzle and his band of goons. (see king Shazzle). Many never win and the penalty for a loss is unknown as no loser has ever been seen again. The room has been rumored to be surround by a moat filled with deadly levels of Snake juice. And if the Snake juice gets in a competetor's eye he must finish the game with one or both blind eye(s). nobody knows how to win or how to beat the residents of the castle, but Challenges often arise and the challenger always disappears. The prize for beating a resident of the Grace Castle is also unknown, some say it leads to riches and other to a life time guarantee of Copenhagis-Skoalisis. The secrecy is what cuts you to death when you enter the baseball Dart room or so they say. Some say even if a man wins, the deadly toxin of snake juice will penetrate the payers lungs, and he will die before he can collect his prize.
Baseball darts

The man playing "Baseball Darts" tipped the dart with deadly snake juice, and when thrown killed his competitor.

"Baseball Darts" killed 5 of my friends and I will have my vengeance.

I once fucked a girl and killed a girl playing "baseball darts"
by 37in9 July 22, 2009
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