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A Baseball Bunny, or BB, is a college girl who sleeps with or fools around with more than one baseball player on the same team.She "hops" from player to player.

She will most likely be on woman's sport team or will have friends on those teams, i.e. Women's Lacrosse or Field Hockey. All the players may hang out with her and invite her to their parties. This BB is considers herself as a best friend or one of the boys, but the real reason they keep her around is because she is DTF, or down to fuck.
Justin: Who's that girl?

Joe: Oh, that's Ashley. I heard she slept with AJ and Matt, and now she is seeing Danny.
Justin: Whatta Baseball bunny. You think I can get on that?
Joe: Yea, bro. She's DTF.
by The Diva RA February 17, 2012
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