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The new addictive interactive application for iphone and facebook plus other mobile devices and games w/ funny character from the animated series , "The Wise Latinas" that breaks complex mathematics down into real world drama that kids in the barrio and the hoods can relate to ; making math fun and delivering math geniuses to the global community.
"Man almost 50% of Latinas fail and drop out of high school so The Wise Latinas developed Barrio Math to break it down to the shorties. Now the Latinas math game is "tight! Thanks to Barrio Math games."

Aios Mios , Rosa and Carlos failed math and dropped out of high school like the rest of their homies but then they started playing that cult game Barrio Math and now they are working on a mathematics research project for Harvard worthy of the nobel prize!
by BossLadylcious September 26, 2009
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