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Public High School in Barrington, Illinois. The somewhat well known wealthy suburb of Chicago. Located on the west side of town, this school huge and has a student population of about 3,000. People from the smaller Barrington parts (North Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington Hills, etc) and part of Deer Park, Hoffman estates and Carpentersville students also go here. We are known for being good at sports and are kinda a butt of jokes for other schools for being rich AND snobby, but look at New Trier. Not everyone here is a douchebag and people are nice. We also tend to hang out at the Deer Park Town Center since all there really is besides nice restaurants in downtown Barrington is a McDonald's in Barrington also. People come from Station Middle School and Prairie Middle School.
Barrington High School were Baseball State Champs.
by IrishArizonan October 09, 2019
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