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One of the freshmen dormitories on the College of William and Mary's campus, located on Jamestown Road. This dorm was recently remodeled, and is often referred to as "looking like a hotel." For this reason, all tours for prospective students are taken through the lobby of Barrett. It's a co-ed dorm basically in the middle of campus, with a back porch that has rocking chairs and benches. Really the only downside is that there's no air conditioning, but if you happen to get "allergies" its easy to have an AC unit installed in your room. The resident's of Barrett tend to be pretty much the most awesome kids you've ever met, and they are envied by all other freshmen.
Barrett Hall: Imagine a Holiday Inn, but with a lot more drunk kids and a lot less continental breakfast.
by tribal tarheel December 08, 2010
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Barrett Hall is currently a coed upperclassman dorm at William and Mary, housing Second, Third, and Fourth-Year students. However, it is mostly inhabited by Second-Years since older students, whose seniority grants them first pick of housing, fill up the better upperclassman dorms, leaving Barrett to the sophomores. Nevertheless, Barrett is a definite step up from freshman housing, as it features air conditioning in every room. The first and third floors house women, while the second floor houses men. Thus, there is one large single-gender bathroom on each floor.

Barrett is unique among W&M dorms for its V-shape and large porch. It features large, well-furnished social and study lounges on the first floor. There are also balconies outside many second-floor rooms, which students can access through windows. The college makes no official statement on whether students are allowed to sit on these balconies, but it seems like something that would not be allowed, so students typically do so only under cover of darkness.
Camille: What residence hall are you in this year?
Dylan: Barrett Hall!
Camille: Wow, so you have that nice porch, then.
Dylan: Yeah! And at night, I like to sit out on the second-floor balcony as well.
by naked streaker September 24, 2018
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