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Among the first openly gay congressmen, a horrible lisping left-wing turd, otherwise known as Barney Frank, from Massachussets.
All the congressmen call Barney Frank "Barney Fag" but when they get caught by a reporter they pretend it was a slip of the tongue.
by andy1 March 21, 2007
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Stupidest member of Congress. Best known for advocating killing of babies, loving Toyota, unintelligible lisping, and living with and fucking a man 30 years younger than him. Thinks it's okay to be gay, just only if you're a liberal.
"Dude, why is Barney Fag always reelected"

"It's called the double standard: if he were straight, the media would rip him apart for living with a sex partner 30 years younger than he is, but since he's gay he gets away with it."
by Appleton Joe May 30, 2009
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