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While in the act of anal sex male inserts one fully cooked large Jalapeño Sausage into woman's vigina. Then when 3/4 of sausage is in, male must squeeze so that spicy jalapeño sausage juice can trickle in vigina. Therefore causing stinging sensation in woman's vigina and forcing her to be unable to sit for 30-45 min.
I was fucking this girl in her ass when i notice that there was some leftovers from the bar-b-que we had from earlier. So i reached over and grabbed a uneaten jalapeno sausage, knowing this girl is a freak, i jammed the sausage into her vertical smile. I gave the sausage a squeeze to give it a throbbing feel for her when the sausage exploded inside of her causing the juice to flow deep inside her vigina. She jumped up in pain and screamed " What are you doing, fucking me with a demon dick". And after that she was unable to sit down cuz her pussy was burning. Thus the invention of the Bar-B-Que Pit Stinger
by RoBbIE1 January 24, 2011
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