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1. Someone you only hangout with at the bar or club. The person is usually a major D-Bag or Bitch. But, very funny or good looking.

2. Someone you roll with to the bar to pick up dudes or girls.

3. Someone you see at the bar once in a while and hook up with. Some you would never bring home to mom, but you would have sex with in a bathroom.

4. Someone you might date, but, prolly not.

5. Someone who can drink a lot.
"Hey, man you wanna date that girl?" Nah, we are just bar friends, we hooked up once, it was cool."
by DrSpinLA March 07, 2011
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A barfriend is someone whom you only associate with at a drinking establishment, ie. a bar. Often used in a romantic context, to mean someone whom you are flirty, sexually permissive, or even pretending to date when in the bar.
"My barfriend called me today, looks like I'm gonna be drunk again!" or "Listen, you're just my barfriend, not my boyfriend. What happens in Felix's, stays in Felix's."
by Feroxyhite January 15, 2009
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