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Bang Chan Daddy is basically Bang Chan from Stray Kids, stan skz for clear skin, multi talented GOD, he raps, sings, dances, produces music PLUS he's a kangaroo, a very cute one, hes like the mum of skz, Hes supper caring, calls his stays babygirls, got amazing sense of taste, Puts his members struggles before his own, always thinks about himself last. Apparantly has a big nose, And...big....feEt. Never takes a compliment from stays. Always thinks hes doing enough but in reality hes amazing, and hes trying his best. Will go bold very soon, cuz of bleaching his hair too many times, hes probably already bold and uses a wig. Never gets sleep, cuz hes either making music, or doing stuff...stuff. Hes from Australia just like Felix. Call him Cripsy Cream, haha. Hes the best leader, EVER. Hes part of the big tiddie committe, hehe. In conclusion the best human being in the WORLD. Hes really kind to everyone. Who ever is reading this, your probably a stay who has issues and searched for this-, I-, hope this fulfilled ur 'needs'. Anyways, theres not such thing as a soft Chan stan, i mean if you are, boy, which era u living in, Ur a very rare stan. Ummm, basically, yeah, He helps you in a way different level, hes allways there if you need him. Hes like a therapist no lie. Whenever im sad he cheers me up. If your up to with his vlives, well done, . If you stan Bang chan you have to stan the whole group. Basically yeah thats it.Hes a shy lil smoll bean, hes the cutest human alive.
Omg hes such an amazing leader, hes Bang Chan.

Im a horny bitch for Bang Chan Daddy

Did you see the way Hyunjin looked and Chan do push ups and then say 'Mr. Bangchan' it was so hot, lol.
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by InfiniteRose May 18, 2020
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