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A method an engineer uses to execute an idea with no science or facts. Typically used in corporate world by engineers who speak with great confidence.
Method steps -
1. Gather a bunch of charts from online
2. Deductively link a path through the data that seems smart but never uses scientific fact
3. Get as many people on board with your philosophical concept
4. Come back with your people to beat down any and intimidate any one who does not agree with your idea that uses data and equations
5. If you are new to the company say you don't know how the people before you came up with it.

6. Plan ahead for the presentation to strongly shut up anyone who may start to point out facts by stating "We can go on for a long time in great detail about that, but that's for another time" or say "There is so much to that discussion we need to put together a presentation for another date to address that"
-The customer has come to us with a valid complaint that our products are defective by design. Any engineer in this company can clearly see that. As engineering 101 information was ignored in the design. We will just gather a team to bandwagon-engineering the customer with information.

-I don't know what I am doing with engineering so I am going to bandwagon-engineer my idea to management.
by de14532 August 23, 2012
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