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A group of elite marching band members from North East, PA, who spend their time buying useless junk from Family Dollar, drinking Go Ape Energy Drink, and dressing up like weirdos. The Band Posse worships John Stamos, Maynard Ferguson, John Williams, and Peter Harvery, and has a mascot named Jacob Meeder, or the Rally Monkey.

To be accepted in the Band Posse is the greatest honor, because then you may hold the Holy Grail, and be generally a super sweet kid.

Only boys are accepted into the Band Posse, cause girls feel uncomfortable around us.
Our high school has a legend
That goes from year to year
To which we pledge allegiance
And always cherish dear
Of all the honored idols
The Grail and Ape are king
For the North East Marching Band Posse
The best of anything!

Hail to the Posse!
Loyal and true!
Hail Family Dollar!
We buy our junk from you!
North East forever!
Molder of men!
We'll march to the Dairy Mart
For Victory again!

Well, Seneca has its Bobcats,
McLane its red and black
The Wildcats roam Northwestern
And Trojans on attack
Harborcreek has its Huskies
There's the Tigers and the Braves
But the North East Marching Band Posse
To you our hearts we gave!

Repeat Chorus

We love Jay, Ape, and Stallion
Family Dollar and do rags!
We always purchase Homies
And Stephan's got our back
We love our Rally Monkey
Jacob Meeder be his name
And we'll serve the holy chalice
To our last and dying day!

Repeat chorus
by Lord Eli November 13, 2006
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