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The religious belief that the game 'Ballz' (an addictive mobile app from developers, Ketchapp) is governed and overseen by a handful of gods and goddess, in charge of how successful your game will be.

They can be prayed to for good fortune and to achieve higher scores by getting angles that are otherwise impossible to find.

If one is angered or temporarily experiencing ragequit then the gods will punish you and cause you to uninstall immediately or get a game-breaking glitch that'll make you throw your phone across the school courtyard.

Not to be confused with Ketchapp themselves who would actually want you to keep playing and not cheat. In fact, the gods are the sole reason the game doesn't die because they support cheating.
The only way to beat my friend's high score is to pray the Ballzism gods.
by LemurComics April 04, 2017
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