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Is a sexual act that resembles a hot air balloon ride. While the girl isn't looking, one guy pinches his foreskin while urinating and starts ballooning. Then the other guy drops his "ballast bags" on the girl's chest like a Cleveland steamer. When the girl opens her mouth to scream, the other guy pops the "balloon" by releasing his foreskin in her face trying to get as much in her mouth as possible. Finally, the guys high five, forming an Eiffle tower.

Optional: Ro sham bo to see who has to go down on the girl.

Alternate: double team the girl and when the 1st guy is ready, he pulls out and pinches his foreskin catching the semen instead of urine.
Jay's girlfriend wanted to go on a romantic hot air balloon ride for their anniversary, but I helped him give her a ballooning over Paris instead. Afterwards I got to chili dog her while he ate out.
by Phyllis von Merkin September 14, 2010
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