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The United Nations have formally classified the Balloon Knot Breech (otherwise known as the Dog Fart) as a weapon of mass destruction with all NATO members formally denouncing and threatening a military response against any nation seeking to weaponize the biological weapon. In 2017, the United States responded by bombing the Syrian Ass-ad Regime after they were suspected of bottling and concentrating dog farts. The lethality of such a weapon cannot be understated and can be contributed to the complete lack of warning many dog farts provide. No known individuals have ever survived direct exposure to the dog fart the effects of which are similar to the blast radius of a nuclear bomb. Survivors of the dog fart were only exposed to the fallout - likely caused by the dog surprising or waking itself by the potency of the fart and then cropdusting the entire family. Only by incinerating an entire structure through the use of thermite plasma has the lingering effect of the dog fart been shown to be truly neutralized.
Dude, I think your dog's ass just squeaked!? BALLOON KNOT BREECH!!! OMG, I can't feel my face!
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by BoogieFlake June 19, 2018
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