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Having no other choice or option, your nut sack finally takes emergency action by covertly shredding the fabric of your jeans for a breath of fresh air. Ball Sack Vent is the ultimate conversation starter.
Jane : Is that a rip in your jeans?
Joe Blow: Yes. Needed to vent.
Jane: oooo kaaaaaaaay???? You needed to vent so you ripped your jeans?
Joe Blow: Something like that.
Jane: Interesting.
Joe Blow: You're suffocating me.
Jane: What? Where are you going with this?
Joe Blow: Just saying out loud what my Ball Sack has been telling me for some time.

Jane: I don't get it. Am I supposed to get it? You're talking about what your ball sack said to you?
Joe Blow: I could tell you more. It's a long story.
Jane: Why start it if you're not going to finish?
Joe Blow: You really want to hear a story about my ball sack vent?

Jane: Why not?
Joe Blow: Hate to spoil the ending for you but it ends up with you seeing what's on the other side of the vent.

Jane: I've heard many theories and long stories with short endings. I'm all ears as long as I don't need a telescope.
Joe Blow: This one is about the Big Bang.
Jane: I love astrology. Shoot.
by roeaide January 02, 2013
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