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A monthly physiological process occurring in certain males that involves one of the testicles retracting up into the pubic region. This is the male counterpart to a menstrual cycle and sexual intercourse is not enjoyable during Ball Cycle. Men are usually more sensitive about their Ball Cycle than women are about their period. This is why jokes are so seldom made about Ball Cycle.
Bob: Dude, you should totally get your chick to blow you tonight!

Bill: Nah dude, it's that time of the month. I'm on my Ball Cycle.

Bob: Man, that sucks! I got mine last week.
by Larry Finster December 22, 2009
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A word that can imply emphasis on any general situation.
"Ballcycle, he ripped my arm right off!"
"Unholy ballcycle, the server is still down."
"Man, today was pretty ballcycle! I got a hundred dollars for free!"
by Party Garth March 07, 2010
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