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Usually a lazy shit bag, sometimes puts effort into things if he/she gets something out of it. MONEY Can hear change drop from 3 1/2 miles away, and can distinguish what type of coin it is, but won't look unless it's a quarter. Anything less isn't worth the time or effort. A penny pincher, a mega nerd, and unlike the typical Mexican he/she doesn't give a shit about landscape, construction work, or any other physical labor. Usually spends days in hibernation. Don't call him/her, it is a waste of time. His/her cell phone would normally be on silent. Evacuate when he/she farts, they stink, they linger and gain power over time. Male Balderamas love sexy bitches but can't get no pussy so they often resort to stroking tip. Jacking off
"Damn, did you hear about Balderama?"

"You mean that lazy ass who sleeps all day and strokes tip all night?"
by Bestfwendwilly October 26, 2013
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