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The act of being awesome or preparing to be awesome.
1. When playing basketball and being in the zone, or generally unstoppable.
Use: "Ohh shit man! Did you see that? I'm baking up some fucking
deliciousness in this piece!"

2. When approximately 5 years of age and combining all of mother's
spice rack together with leftovers and mixing in a large bowl, said
with blissful oblivion and a huge grin.
Use: "Ohh shit mommy! I'm baking up some deliciousness for you and
daddy tonight!"

3. When eating so as to create excrement ideal for a practical joke.
Use: "Ohh shit man, gimme another bran muffin. I'm baking up some
deliciousness for Matt's pillow."
by Kid J January 09, 2009
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