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1. The act of one or more homospapiens engaging in the action of smoking the doobies and or pot smoking whilst making an attempt to conver the smell with a dryer sheet.

2. The use of a dryer sheet on either the room vents or through the use of a toilet paper roll to cover the scent of your weed smoke.

(If you attempt this action keep in mind that you may think it works but in fact you are too toasted to realize that you are just committing the act of douchebaggery and everyone knows what you are doing.)
Jack: Hey what is that smell?

Mikko: That is just my cockblocking roommate baking the sheets.

Jack: Oh that's why I smell mountain fresh air mixed with weed and a hint of ass. What a douchebag.

Mikko: Agreed, lets wait until he is totally blazed then drop him off in front of Flamethrowers down town.
by Plagued Soul August 12, 2010
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