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(noun): (BBB for short) A girl who is the fiercest competition in your love life. She is naturally annoyingly cute, bubbly, and overly flirtatious. In fact, you have never met anyone that annoys you so much. Has a known tendency to be a man-eater, and the fact that a guy has a girlfriend is totally ignored by the BBB. In your mind, the Baggin' Bubbly Bitch is able to seduce any man with her overbearing annoying cuteness. If you have a boyfriend, BEWARE THE BAGGIN' BUBBLY BITCH.
Girl 1: You know what bothers me?? Baggin' Bubbly Bitches that don't seem to know their place & can't find their own fucking boyfriend. A BBB has been gawking & flaunting her tits at my boyfriend for the past week.

Girl 2: I know. There is no such thing as "other fish in the sea" in the Baggin' Bubbly Bitch's mind.
by zhuchok September 22, 2011
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