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An alcoholic beverage consisting of Mountain Dew Amp energy drink and whiskey. After consuming several of these, one gains a honey badger level of not giving a shit and an overall feeling of invincibility. Morning after side effects include but are not limited to: total memory loss, feeling as if a King Cobra had bitten your entire body over and over again, and stomach issues from consuming gross amounts of unknown foods that you would normally not eat. Orgin of the term comes from "bros" that consume the beverage and compared it to actually drinking the blood of a honey badger to gain the feeling of everyday honey badger life.
Bro 1: "Bro, what the hell happened last night?"

Bro 2: "What happened? You drank to much badger blood and decided to make out with Rick's girlfriend, buy shots for 15 random broads, fight a hawk in a farm field and then proceeded to consume 4 beefy crunch burritos while screaming at a wall."
by Ethon June 29, 2013
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