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There is nothing worse than a bad wingman. Cutting more grass than a lawn mower, this guy will unintentionally hit on the hottie and steal the limelight, leaving you balls deep behind enemy lines. It doesn’t matter how well he’s doing or whether he’s gonna score the babe and ride off into the sunset, it is no less than your duty to ruin his chances in a mission of scorched earth. Good anti-mowing tactics include walking up to him and exclaiming loudly, “HEY, HOW IS THAT RASH ON YOUR BALLS CLEARING UP?”
You friend tells a joke which is terrible, you diss your friend and make him look small in front of the girl. The girl laughs and starts talking to you and you pull the girl hence becoming a bad wingman.

Dick-athlete loser: whats black and white and goes round and round,
Girl: I don't know
Dick-athlete loser: a penguin in a revolving door.
Dick-athlete champion: Man that was awful, your such a loser,
Girl: Laughing
Dick-athlete champion: do you want a drink
Girl: Yes ok
by Dick-athlete champion October 08, 2009
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