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Bad Badger:

A) In abstract terms, to bad badger is to receive a piggyback ride from someone while yelling "I am Bad Badger" - meant to be an insult. Why? Because the person getting the piggyback ride cannot afford a real ride yet still wants the attention.

In practical terms, it's the equivalent of renting an exotic car in order to attempt to fool women into sleeping with you because you could not afford even the miniature sized equivalent of that car. For a person to achieve the status of Bad Badger, they must be renting an exotic and yell "I AM BAD BADGER" from his convertible.

B) Could be used in the sexual sense where he is riding a woman from behind and yelling I am the Bad Badger. Meant to be insulting to the woman.

The context used is "Lol he bad badgered".
Renting an exotic car in order to get women to sleep with you is an example of Bad badgering.
by AWDracer June 22, 2009
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