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When you have one traumatic event that causes you to lose most/all of your documents on your computer that you go nuts and start archiving everything you have, just in case. As a result, the most mundane files that have no bearing on life are saved in triplicate.

Often, these individuals with backup religion often tout their "superior" beliefs and practices much like an elitist or a jesus freak. Don't be around one of these people when your computer crashes and you don't have anything backed up; you will only get an "I told you so."
Jim: Dude, why does it take Steve so long to shut down his computer?
Bill: Steve lost all of his work files a few weeks ago, now he always creates a copy of his work onto his thumbstick, external hard drive, and even uploads things to an online service. This guy is crazy.
Jim: Man this guy has a bad case of backup religion.
Steve (whispering as he finishes up): all set and....amen.
by Reverend Walk July 06, 2011
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