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Tabitha spends a lot of time with musicians especially 'The Limp Dicks Band". She does their laundry, cooks soft foods since they're toothless loonies and performs sexual favors and engages in uncontrollable wild creampie orgy's. She's a backstage groupie slut who follows bands around while they're on tour for fanny fame. Backstage groupie/s like Tabitha flood their friends notifications on social medial with obscene pics of sexual acts some with multiple people. She also sucks dicks in between breaks and gigs. I blocked her because I caught my husband jerking off to the pics and he jet sprayed my computer. Backstage groupie/s should invest in tongue cleaners due to the amount of dry thrush like cum stains that are glued on their tongues. For all the teens out reading this, do not become a backstage groupie because there's more to life than Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.
Teen: I want to be like Tabitha a backstage groupie
Teacher: It's not a desirable lifestyle, just google 'backstage groupie' on UD and I guarantee you'll change your mind
by What day is it? December 10, 2017
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