Anyone (or even possibly a group) that stands over your shoulder while playing chess, and the person always claims to see an awesome move for either you or your opponent. This gets so annoying especially when you the moron says, "Oh you didn't see this awesome move!" Then points his fat finger on your board, or touches the pieces. They cause me slight stress due to their annoying hints for the person I am supposed to checkmate...or they keep saying in my ear like a slimy snake, "I see a good move." Sometimes their moves are good, but most of the time they have not a clue what they are talking about and can stick you in a worse situation or cost you a nice piece. Do not take advice from them, and if your opponent is a real chess player they will give them the bird and tell them to shut up or shove off. The best way to repel them is to just ignore them, or flat out tell them you can play better than they can and then prove it in a match.
by G.Stefani704 April 25, 2011
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