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When you (son) and your mum are having anal sex in her bedroom, your dad walks in. You insist him to fuck you in the ass. When he is fucking you, you cum in your mum's ass and she shits all the cum and shit out onto your face. When your dad is about to climax, he cum's on the shit, which is on your face, and smears it all around your body. This is the "Backfiring Bull".
Mum: Son do you want to fuck me in the ass.
Son: (Casual) ye sure, got nothing better to do.
(Mum and Son having anal sex)
Dad: (Walks in) What the Fuck?
Dad: (Casual) sure, why not.
(When son's about to cum)
Son: Lets do the BACKFIRING BULL!
Mum & Dad: FUCK YE!!!
by Bob Thompson Jr. September 25, 2011
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