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The Backdoor Bindi is a preferred interest in the field of anal sex, consisting of an enrtrance to the lovely "back door" by way of penile instrument, then pulling out so your unsuspecting "lover" (i dont know who would love this)thinks you are going to unload on her anxious facial expression only to recieve a downward slap with the dirty dong right in the middle of her forehead, next, in the moment of her confused astonishment you squirt your kiddy river into her mouth so she cannot ask you why you would do such a thing.
"I was having anal sex with this lovely young lady and upon my "arrival" I was going to release onto her face and something compelled me to smack her forehead with my ceptor of love, leaving a brownish spot on her forehead, before she could comment I bombarded her mouth with my ceptor's wrath. I will remember her always as the Backdoor Bindi Blowout."
by The Gatekeeper December 16, 2006
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