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A term originally used in Jamaica to describe a condom, a latex or rubber sleeve which fits tightly over the length of the penis and collects ejaculated sperm in a reservoir in the tip during intercourse.

After ejaculation, the condom should be removed quite swiftly, before the penis becomes flaccid, and the 'root' end of the condom should be held tightly on withdrawal, to ensure that no semen escapes. The semen can be retained in the baby wallet by knotting the end before disposal.
"See it champion, ya no sapps but put on da baby wallet an ya can cock it up proper."

"Ah right shorty, mi kyaan lock mi hose off - mi nuh like fi bowcat an ah don mind da boots for me man juice if ya squeeze me tight wid ya swettest ting an get proper wet for me agony. Gimme da baby wallet right na."
by Katie4eyes July 27, 2018
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