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In the halo universe, the elites often force their children into the military at a young age. With their full-faced pacifiers and self changing, mechanical full body diapers, the baby elites march into combat.

The baby elites, or in layman terms; grunts, can often be seen taking point in various covenant military formations.

If and when you encounter a baby elite try to:

-Shoot for their soft, undeveloped skull.
-Hit them with a blunt object, this will dispatch them with relative ease and effect.
-Sneak up on them during their "nappy time" and use one of the aforementioned methods.
-Throw a standard fragmentation grenade at them, their shattered hopes and dreams of becoming a mini league baseball player will stun them if they see something resembling a baseball.

Once you've dispatched the elites young, remember to teabag them in front of their family for emotional trauma and psychological warfare.

Good luck, soldier.
Don't be fooled! That baby elite isn't trying to play a game of catch with you.
by drunky57 October 07, 2010
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