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When a father, who is no long with the mother of his child or children, acts out. Usually upon seperation with the mother of his child or children. This usually involves taking drastic measures in order to prove a point or to show ownership which he no longer has any.
1. Quitting his first job in 3 years to prove he's not gonna, "pay your rent" when all you asked for was help buying diapers. Even though you supported him for 4 years before you broke up. This is baby daddy bullshit.
2. Showing up at your home all hours of the night claiming to want to see their kid/s when they know that the child or children go to bed at 9:00PM.This is baby daddy bullshit.
3. Going through his baby mama's phone when she's not looking during schedule visitations or arrange drop offs of the child or children, then calling or texting which ever persons number they find to tell them that they are the baby daddy and that they better leave her alone. This is baby daddy bullshit. 
by EmmaJeanius July 01, 2010
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