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When two people absolutely need to defaecate at the same time in one toilet, one person assumes the standard seated dumping position. Person 2 wraps their legs around the waist of person 1, crossing their feet behind his/her back. Person 2 wraps their arms around the neck of 1, clinging for dear life, and releases through the "5 Hole" of 1. Challenges produced include avoiding piss in 1's belly button, and feces in the genital region. If done correctly, two dumpers will effectively accomplish the feat cleanly while striking the pose of a baby chimp clutching to his/her mother. For added effect 2 may pick lint/loose articles from the hair of 1.

Also known as a "5 Hole Shit."
Hurry up, open the door, I'm going to hop onto you for a baby chimp shit.
by Frank Rebels, Kominikeke February 06, 2011
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