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Baba Milanka is a mythical creature believed to have lived between the years of 2 - 2003. She is believed to have unlimited unimaginable prowess, and also is believed to have the power of the Sharingan eye. There is a myth connected to Baba Milanka and it is about a huge battle that broke down on the mountain of old age Serbia called Jahorina. The battle was fought between a mythical creature called Elias, and Baba Milanka. The victor of the battle is unknown, and the battle itself remains a mystery. The date of her death is also unknown, but it is believed that she was erased of the world by a higher power. The last time MIlanka was seen was on the sixth of June, 2003. Some people believe she has died, while some people believe she is still alive and well, hiding in the city of Belgrade.
Have you seen Baba Milanka?
Baba Milanka saved the world of an evil power that is Elias.
by Timotijevic Kosana January 20, 2019
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