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Action- (bye Tyrone)
1. dismissal of a guy who thinks he is better than the next person and always cause problems"
2."An irrelevant male"

3."Random man who is rude or/and unwanted"

Ex. When some random dude enters a conversation without being asked and says some irrelevant comments just to irritate someone or be rude. His name becomes Tyrone and you dismiss him bye saying "bye Tyrone"
Someone post a pic and a story about it and this rude dude decides to say something smart about it just to ruffle some feathers. He then becomes a problem and instead of letting him continue and initiating conversation about it. You simply dismiss him by saying "Bye Tyrone"(action)

His real name becomes irrelevant because he is irrelevant.

It's funny and everyone has a laugh.

"Tyrone(noun) ain't so cocky now is he??"

Synonym: Felicia bye Felicia
by sssshhhhaaaa August 27, 2014
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