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The BPike wardrobe is a collection of clothes that diehard Eagles and Phillies fans throughout the Delaware Valley assemble to express their undying love for hate, hustle, and heart on the baseball and football fields. Wardrobe essentials include the following:

Shoes: Air Force 1s, every shoe ever made by the Jordan Brand (some carryover here with an Inter-Ac Tuxedo).

Socks: Foreman Mills Crew Socks, or TekGear 10 pack from Kohls

Shorts: Jorts or Kensington Jizz Rag

Belt: HA!

Shirt: The main attraction. Includes the following necessities to provide the most options: Dawkins Home Jersey, Dawkins away jersey, Utley home Jersey, Utley away jersey, Utley 1980s throwback jersey, Utley batting practice jersey, Utley T-Shirt, World F-cking Champs T-Shirt, World F-cking Champs Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Utley World Baseball Classic Jersey, Utley Sleeveless Home Jersey

Undershirt: Beaters from Ross or T.J. Max

Tie: HA!

Hat: Flat Brim. Black. Phillies or Eagles. Turned backwards.
Check out Mac across the street in the flat brim Birds hat, Jordan 8s, and the World F-cking Champs Limited Edition T-Shirt. Christ, he might have the most swaggy BPike Wardrobe in the history of swag.
by Boss Hamilton August 15, 2012
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