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Derived from the latin term bohn·puhnch

A "Bone Punch" is classified as a punch exectued on the bone or joint rather than the muscle or fat tissue of an unaware victim.

Given the unanticipated opportunity to deliver a swift, hearty Bone Punch, it is necessary to first distract the victim's attention by shouting "BONE PUNCH" before striking the crippling blow.

It is also a lesser known fact that the Bone Punch is also open-ended, leaving room for the "Muscle Punch Compliment." Once again you must shout "BONE PUNCH with a Muscle Punch Compliment!" while executing the blow.

FACT: Bone Punches hurt so much more then regular punches.
"Grandma, would you mind taking me to the store to buy some cerial? I would really appreciate it if we could pick up some Kellogs fruity pebb-BONE PUNCH with a Muscle Punch Compliment!"

Grandma is now on the ground, confused and partly unconscious.
by Andy Troz April 09, 2007
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