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most dangerous hmong gang during the 90's. On True Blue side (CRIP). Most retired, but blacc tiger is said to never die, some still exist as of today. Obviously, these big cats have 9 lives. they fuccen hate fleas and monkeys fear blacc tigers. The streets are the jungle for these blacc tigers. They are ready to kill whoever, whenever.

well, that is how this true story goes....
monkeys are kickin' it at the park.

monkey #1: "Hey, wasn't it Blacc tigger that sent our homies to the grave?"

monkey #2: "Yes it was but we are too pussy to mess with them so make sure you stay out of their way from now on okay?"

monkey #1: "Hell yeah i will! i'm hella scared of them! I hope i will never see a blacc tiger because i might poop in my pants and suicide myself."
by solid_2ball November 19, 2008
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