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An improvised signal or sign created by the female to get a desired male to notice her or talk to her. Sexual in nature without being a guarantee of sex.

BJ Signals share these characteristics or some combination of: Eye contact, use of the tongue, use of the finger(s), use of the lips. Eye contact being required at all times.

Scholars frown upon the use of food for a BJ Signal, considered bad form for the confusion it can create for multiple males in the general vicinity. However, if eye contact has already been established and the signal is glaringly obvious, i.e. deep-throating a corn dog, it's a legitimate BJ Signal.

The signal is familiar to porn actresses who may utilize it in their act to increase
eroticism. Also familiar to girls with studs in their tongues who like to show it off.

Lucky (or going to get) is the man who is the recipient of a BJ Signal. For all intents and purposes, she wants you, badly.
So don't fuck it up.
1. Running the finger or pinky over the upper lip, followed by the tongue.

2. Licking of a finger followed by sucking.

3. Putting the tongue in front of the upper teeth or roof of the mouth followed by licking of the lips.

4. "Man, that fine chica that just drove past was BJ Signaling me."
(Performs illegal 180 with tires smoking.)
by The Dude III July 11, 2008
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