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1)noun- A photobucket funny. The true advertisement they should give for Mcdonalds. Details? Let's just say there's a moral to the picture. If you eat too much Mcd's You're ass is gonna hang half way out your xxxl shorts.
Lanie:" EAT IT! EAT IT!"

Amber: " Did you look up Big N Tastey on photobucket, again?"

Lanie: "Mhm, and I'm sending it to Joyce! heehee"

Kat: "You're friggin nuts..."

Lanie: " Muwahaha feel the wrath of the secret sause between the meaty buns!"

Amber: " You have no idea how wrong that sounded..."

Kat: " LMFAO!"
by Amberness December 24, 2006
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