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You might find a "BGA From Fagdad" at your local gas station, possibly at a family reunion or maybe even at home town buffet. This "BGA" From Fagdad will find you no matter where you are. Even if you say to the "BGA" that your somewhere else it will STILL find you so don't lie to it because it is all knowing. You might find a "BGA" smoking marijuana, popping pills of ecstasy or falling asleep on your couch or even at your dining room table. Some have reported this "BGA" to be eating in its natural habitat. Legend has it if you don't let it sleep and you put food near its face it might eat whatever it is. This "BGA" has a distinct smell and you can tell when its eating food for the smacking of the lips is quite obnoxious. If you ever see this "BGA" From Fagdad then you need to run as fast as possible, reports say that if you get into the fetal position he will rape you even if your pants are on. Beware of the "BGA From Fagdad".
Replacing the song lyrics to "Bagpipes From Bagdad" By Eminem and changing them to "BGA From Fagdad"

Ex- Badubadumbadumbadum nom nom nom nom.

Dude whats that thing over there it looks like a rhino?
Well thats a BGA FROM FAGDAD obviously!
by iWILLmakeucum November 04, 2010
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